Pumpkin Days Wiki
General Information
Blackberry Seeds.png
Blackberry Seed
Description: Seed: Small seeds that are oval in shape. The color varies from light tan to brown. Grows during summer in 12 days and only grows in Pumpkinvale. Regrows.
Produce: Blackberries are red before they are ripe, thus an expression "Blackberries are red when they're green"
Growth Information
Type of Plant: Crop
Location: 🌹 Pumpkinvale
Seasons: ×☉××
Base Yield: 10
Fertilized Yield: 13 to 19
Growth Time: 12 days
Regrowth Time: 5 days
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Harvest
0 days
Lettuce d1.png
2 days
Berries d5.png
5 days
Berries d7.png
7 days
Blackberry harv d10.png
Crop Prices
Seed Produce
Buy Price (BP): 5g 15g
Sell Price (SP): 1g 3g
Processor Product (Sell Price) Input:Output Profit per Input
Candy Processor: Blackberry Candies (20g) 1:1 17g
Jam Processor: Blackberry Jam (20g) 2:1 7g
Juice Processor: Blackberry Juice (12g) 2:1 3g
Still: Brandy (40g) 3:1 10.33g
Recipes Requiring Raw Produce
Candy: Blackberry Candies
Cakes & Pies: Blackberry Pie
Drinks: Berry Tea
Blackberry Juice
Jam: Blackberry Jam