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*Food can be made with the use of a kitchen, either by selecting recipes learned from the TV with the required ingredients in your inventory, or by experimenting with ingredients to discover them yourself. An NPC-guided tutorial at your starting area cafe will teach you the basics.

Anytime after the game starts you can buy a Bland Small Kitchen at the Home Improvement store for 400 gold to begin. After shipping 50 dishes you unlock a Bland Medium Kitchen for 800 gold, and after shipping 100 dishes you unlock a Bland Large Kitchen for 1300 gold. Both are available at the Home Improvement store and you can also unlock crafting recipes for non-bland versions through the TV. These bigger kitchens allow you to cook food with more ingredients. The Small Kitchen allows 2-ingredient recipes, the Medium Kitchen allows 3-ingredient recipes, and the Large Kitchen allows 4-ingredient recipes. There is also a Master Kitchen which can only be obtained by learning the recipe on TV and crafting it at a Crafting Bench. The Master Kitchen allows you to cook 5- and 6- ingredient recipes.

To cook foods, you have to play the cooking minigame. A yellow arrow will move horizontally side to side, and you will have to left click at the right time so that the yellow arrow is in the green bar. If it ends up anywhere in the brown, you will have failed and end up with a Disaster Dish. Disaster Dishes can be turned into Fertilizers with the Fertilizer Barrel. 8 Disaster Dishes make 1 Fertilizer.

The quantity of food you want to make can be changed by selecting the number between 'Cook' and 'Cancel' and changing the number, if you have the right quantity of ingredients. However, if you fail the cooking minigame, you will lose all the ingredients and make a Disaster Dish.

Seasoning can be made with a Pestle and Mortar.

The amount of stamina the player gets after eating the chosen food are guessed numbers!

Abbreviation: In the following tables are following abbreviations used in order to get small enough columns to be able to list all info!
P C: Production Costs based on Sell Price of ingredients
S P: Sell Price
B P: Buy Price

Cooking Status Effects[]

Some foods will give you a special status effect when eaten. When a food gives a status bonus, an icon will appear next to your stamina bar. There are also some Buff effects for special Jounce drinks, which you can only obtain when Jounce builds its Factory. The buffs for Jounce Products is most times far superiour to the normal ones but you know the devil always makes the best sounding offers. The buff Icon for Jounce Buffs is always a Jounce Can. Normal Jounce does not give a buff.

Awake Status:

Given when you drink or eat anything with coffee. Adds extra hours before passing out in exhaustion.

The white cup is a minor buff lasting 300 Minutes while the golden one is the major buff lasting 600 Minutes.

Speed Buff:

Eating sugary pastries will increase your movement speed.

A red shoe is a minor buff with a Strength of 1.5, while the gold shoe is a major buff with Strength of 2. Both buffs last 180 Minutes.

Fishing Buff:

Eating a hearty fish dish will allow you to catch fish faster during the fishing minigame.

A blue fish icon lasts lasts 300 Minutes but is weaker with a Strength rating of 2, while the golden one is much stronger with 5, but has just 120 Minutes duration.


Beers, liquors and grog will cause you to become drunk mixing up your movement controls.

There are in fact two different debuffs using the same icon. A major which lasts 300 Minutes and a Minor lasting 120 Minutes.

Friendly Buff:

Drinking mixed drinks or honey recipes will cause you to gain extra heart levels when talking to townsfolk.

The two heart icon is stronger with a Strength rating of 5 and a duration of 300 Minutes compared to the one heart with a Strength of 2 and a duration of 120 Minutes.

Stamina Buff:

Eating hearty meat dishes, such as chicken or beef, will cause stamina usage to be lower when using tools.

A smiley face icon is a minor stamina buff with a duration of 120 Minutes, while the shiny eye icon is a major stamina buff lasting 300 Minutes. Strength is the same for both with a Rating of 2.

Bug Repellant Buff:

Using the Bug Repellent Juice gives you a buff that keeps bugs off of you.

There is only one Buff with a Strength rating of 1 and a duration of 180 Minutes.

Ingredient Substitution[]

Some ingredients can be substituted by others, once you know the recipe. It does not work in "Experiment".
See Ingredient Substitutions for an extensive list.

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