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Tool crafting requires the use of an anvil. Recipes are learnt from watching the TV every morning and night, where you will randomly learn a recipe for either the anvil or the crafting table. You can also experiment for the tools, if you know the right materials that make up the tool. You can only experiment using Brown Wood Planks. Any other type of wood will not work. You will need a Sawmill to process Brown Wood Logs into Brown Wood Planks.

However once you already know a recipe ( once it's in the crafting book) you can use any type of wooden plank to make the tool.

Below you will find the recipes for the different tools. When you are crafting a recipe at the anvil you will need to have the arrow in the green area and then left click to successfully craft the item. Otherwise, you will receive a Junk Sculpture instead.

Higher Grade Tools[]

For higher grade tools, you will need the corresponding metal bars or polished gems, which is made by processing ores into bars through the Smelter, or by processing Diamond / Meteorite Ore through the Gem Polishing Station. It takes 4 metal ores to make 1 metal bar, and 1 unpolished gem to make 1 polished gem.

The amount of metal bars or polished gems required is the same for all grades of the same tool. To craft the tool, just use the corresponding amount of metal bars or polished gems as listed in the table below. For example, the amount of Copper Bars required for a Copper Watering Can is 3, and the amount of Polished Meteorite required for a Meteorite Watering Can is also 3.

Tool List[]

Wooden Recipes Metal Recipes Wood Copper Iron Silver Gold Steel Titanium Uranium Diamond Meteor
Range 1x1 1x2 2x2 3x2 3x3 3x3 4x4 4x4 5x5 6x6
Hoe 3 wood 1 wood

3 metal

Wooden Hoe 20g Copper Hoe 35g Iron Hoe 70g Silver Hoe 140g Gold Hoe 200g Steel Hoe 250g Titanium Hoe 280g Uranium Hoe 450g Diamond Hoe 550g Meteor Hoe 700g
Watering Can 3 wood 0 wood

3 metal

Wooden Watering Can 20g Copper Watering Can 92g Iron Watering Can 150g Silver Watering Can 304g Gold Watering Can 300g Steel Watering Can 360g Titanium Watering Can 650g Uranium Watering Can 730g Diamond Watering Can 900g Meteor Watering Can 1200g
Fishing Rod 3 wood 1 wood

2 metal

Wooden Fishing Rod 20g Copper Fishing Rod 35g Iron Fishing Rod 70g Silver Fishing Rod 140g Gold Fishing Rod 200g Steel Fishing Rod 250g Titanium Fishing Rod 280g Uranium Fishing Rod 450g Diamond Fishing Rod 550g Meteor Fishing Rod 700g
Pickaxe 4 wood 2 wood

3 metal

Wooden Pickaxe 25g Copper Pickaxe 45g Iron Pickaxe 100g Silver Pickaxe 200g Golden Pickaxe 290g Steel Pickaxe 380g Titanium Pickaxe 425g Uranium Pickaxe 700g Diamond Pickaxe 820g Meteor Pickaxe 1000g
Axe 5 wood 2 wood

4 metal

Wooden Axe 25g Copper Axe 45g Iron Axe 100g Silver Axe 200g Gold Axe 290g Steel Axe 380g Titanium Axe 425g Uranium Axe 700g Diamond Axe 820g Meteor Axe 1000g
Shovel 2 wood 1 wood

1 metal

Wooden Shovel 20g Copper Shovel 50g Iron Shovel 100g Silver Shovel 200g Gold Shovel 100g Steel Shovel 130g Titanium Shovel 280g Uranium Shovel 450g Diamond Shovel 300g Meteorite Shovel 400g
Animal Brush 2 wood 2 wood

1 metal

Wooden Brush 15g Copper Brush 30g Iron Brush 70g Silver Brush 130g Gold Brush 200g Steel Brush 250g Titanium Brush 300g Uranium Brush 450g Diamond Brush 550g Meteor Brush 650g
Shears 2 wood 0 wood

2 metal

Wooden Shears 20g Copper Shears 30g Iron Shears 70g Silver Shears 130g Golden Shears 200g Steel Shears 230g Titanium Sheers 300g Uranium Shears 450g Diamond Shears 550g Meteor Shears 650g
Sickle 4 wood 2 wood

2 metal

Wooden Sickle 15sg Copper Sickle 20g Iron Sickle 40g Silver Sickle 70g Gold Sickle 100g Steel Sickle 130g Titanium Sickle 145g Uranium Sickle 230g Diamond Sickle 300g Meteor Sickle 400g

Bug Catching Tools[]

Using an Anvil, you can also craft the bug nets required for catching bugs. The requirements are as follows.

Name Brown Wood Planks Old Netting
Bug net regular 30
1 1
Bug net nice 30
1 3
Bug net premium 30
2 2
Bug net ultimate
1 4
Bug net special 150
Quest reward See Bug Catching page