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Kumoko loves bugs and spiders and won't have you speaking ill of them. She often wanders the forests observing and collecting bugs.


Time Place
10:00am Home
11:00am Outskirts East (not during Rain)
2:00pm Clothing Store
3:00pm Graveyard
9:00pm Town Square
10:00pm Bar (not during Rain)
1:00am Home
3:00am Sleeping


Kitchen Size Gift FP Season Shop BP


Pancakes for Kumoko ∞ ⌛ 0.2
Additional Trigger: None
Quest Text: Make some pancakes for Kumoko. The recipe for pancakes is: 1 honey and 1 flour. To make flour I need a windmill to process the wheat.
Task: Bring 1 Pancakes
Reward: 1 Regular Bug Net
FP: +20 Group FP: +6
Tips: The recipe for Pancakes is 1 Honey and 1 Flour.

Birthday Quest! ∞ ⌛ 3
Additional Trigger: Date between 16th of Spring to 1st of Summer.
Quest Text: I need to bring Kumoko 2 fish fillets.
Task: Bring 2 Fish Fillet
Reward: 10 Honey
FP: +30 Group FP: +9
Tips: You need a Fish Prep Station.


Kumoko's house is marked with a yellow "X" on the map below.

Kumoko house