Pumpkin Days Wiki

Ranching in Pumpkin Days consists currently of being able to care for animals in a barn or in a chicken coop. Animals need to be fed, loved (patted and brushed), and their excrement should be cleaned up every day or they might get sick. You can clean up animal poop with the shovel. Caring for your animals will raise their affections and keep them producing. Animals can be bought at the Animal Shop in each of the towns.

If your animals get sick, a visit to the local vet will be required in order to bring their health back. Animals will not leave their coops or barns if it's raining outside. They also retire to bed at around 10pm.


Before you can buy any animals, you will need a space to house them. You can build those spaces by going to the local home improvement shop. You need to pay off any debts at the ATM in the post office before you can build any new buildings. The following places are currently available:

Chicken coop[]

The chicken coop is where you will be housing your chickens. They can be white, red or black chickens, and you can buy them on the town's animal shop, along with their feed and trough.

For chickens it will take chicken feed and a small trough. You will always get one small trough when buying a chicken.

Chickens do not poop, but they will still need to be brushed, patted and fed every day. They will produce chicken eggs.


The barn can house a few different animals:

  • Horse - provides a way of transport
  • Cow - produces milk
  • Sheep - produces wool
  • Pig (currently not producing anything)
  • Bull (currently not producing anything)
  • Goat

For your bigger animals you will need fodder and the bigger trough to feed them. Animals often need a little help getting out of the way to allow the rancher to take care of them. This means you will need to purchase an animal bell at the home improvement shop. It costs 550g and can be placed near the bar so you can call your animals inside and outside as needed to clean and feed them.

The barn has two sizes. You can can upgrade the small barn at the home improvement shop.

Prices and Colors[]

Each Animal Shop sells a random selection of animals each day. Every type of animal can be purchased as a juvenile or as an adult, and animals come in a variety of colors.

Type Price
Chick (Female) 150g
Chick (Male) 50g
Chicken 500g
Rooster 100g
Piglet 50g
Pig 100g
Lamb 800g
Sheep 1,500g
Calf (Female) 600g
Calf (Male) 200g
Cow 2,000g
Bull 600g
Foal 4,000g
Horse 9,000g
Goat 1,000g

Note: The White and Brown Cow costs 3,500g.

Chicken Colors Pig Colors Sheep Colors Cow Colors Horse Colors Goat


Black Black Black Black Black
Red Black and Pink Black and Brown (Black Wool) Black and Brown Brown Brown



White Black and Tan Black and White (Black Wool) Black and White Dark Brown
Brown Brown Brown Grey Brown
Pink Brown and Black (Brown Wool) Brown and Black Tan
Tan Brown and White (Brown Wool) Brown and White White
Tan and Black White White
White and Black (White Wool) White and Black
White and Brown (White Wool) White and Brown

Feeding Animals[]

Large animals like cows need to be fed fodder, which can be placed in a large trough. You can get fodder from cutting tall grass on your farm or out in the world. 

Chickens need to be fed feed, which needs to be placed in a small trough. You can make feed by grinding corn in a windmill. 

You can buy both feed and fodder from the local animal shop. You can also place the animal troughs anywhere on your farm, so long as your animals can reach it. Make sure to feed your animals daily or else they won't make any animal products.

Animal Products[]

Animals give different products when alive and when taken to the Animal Shop, they can be turned into meat. The amount of meat produced from each animal is determined by how long it has been kept once it has turned into an adult. Baby animals cannot be turned into meat. Sick animals also cannot be turned into meat.

Animal Live Produce Meat
Chicken Egg 25 - 50
Sheep Wool 15 - 50
Cow Milk 50 - 200
Bull NA 50 - 200
Pig NA 15 - 100

Baby Animals[]

Baby animals can be purchased for a lower price than their adult counterparts. Animals can be bred at the Vet Clinic. You must have an adult male and an adult female of the type of animal you want to breed. The baby animal will arrive in 18 days. The mother will not produce eggs, milk, or wool until the baby arrives and cannot be bred again during this time. Male animals, however, can be bred to multiple females.

Animals Mature In Cost To Breed
Chick 10 days 50g
Calf 21 days 300g
Piglet 14 days 20g
Lamb 14 days 300g
Foal 28 days